Cafe & Confectionary

Bhajipoodi breakfast cafe is a wonderful place for for youngsters.

Most of our consumers are youth and they appreciate our services and efforts we make for serving them.

Bhajipoodi, Ice cream, Pizza, Burger,etc.

We provide all that a foodie loves


Indian Fast Food

We provide a great variety for Indian food lovers.

We are appreciated for our exceptinal food varieties and services.

International Fast Food

Not only Indian but we provide International Fast foods as well.

Chinese, Italian are just few examples.

Bhajipoodi - Breakfast cafe

Bhajipoodi is a much loved during Travel for individuals and serves wide range of spices and recipes of mouth-watering vegetables for food lovers to relish upon cafe give a delicious varieties under a Single roof.

Everyone is invited to taste unique flavours, great ambience & consistent taste.

In our Bhajipoodi you can have an amazing and authentic taste of our chef special in-house ingredients and Organic Vegetables.

Vaishno Manor Apartment 

Jail road 


+91 8979181786