Bhajipoodi breakfast cafe was founded by Mr Govind Singh Rawat.

Mr. Govind Singh Rawat, a restaurant industry veteran, holds more than 14 years of food service industry experience and has very closely observed the needs of the customers. This inspired him to start his own entrepreneurial venture Bhaji poodi outlets which are running successfully at multiple locations. 
He has deep understanding of Food Service industry. When Mr. Govind decided to start Bhaji poodi , he had a singular vision of serving delicious food and bring the utmost comfort, satisfaction, quality and price for the customers. The vision and mission of  i Bhaji poodi s to reach vast majority of famous cities in India and bring new recipes according to the place. L!’ CHEF came into existence under the long term vision of creating a brand offering the customers with finger licking food and exposure to different range and variations of taste and culinary experience 
Mr. Govind has been deep diving into it to find pearls of knowledge about the Food Service industry. He has been associated with Food Craft Institute (FCI) where he has shared these pearls of knowledge with students. 
Mr. Govind is also part of Delhi College of Catering and Hotel Management (DCCHM). He has been involved in mentoring and training several students here.  


Bhajipoodi - Breakfast cafe

Bhajipoodi is a much loved during Travel for individuals and serves wide range of spices and recipes of mouth-watering vegetables for food lovers to relish upon cafe give a delicious varieties under a Single roof.

Everyone is invited to taste unique flavours, great ambience & consistent taste.

In our Bhajipoodi you can have an amazing and authentic taste of our chef special in-house ingredients and Organic Vegetables.

Vaishno Manor Apartment 

Jail road 


+91 8979181786